Answer your questions ?

How are applicants informed about the offer?

Your offer is broadcast on pre-selected channels in the form of advertising campaigns so the applicants who correspond to your criteria are informed of your offer via their feeds pages on social networks, the sites they visit or when they search on metamotors (Google, Bing etc.).

How are we notified of an application?

You are informed of the applications received in two ways:

  • Directly to your account on our platform where you can continuously follow the statistics and the applications received.
  • Directly on your ATS after connection with it.


Is the applicant redirected to our career website?

The applicant is redirected to your career site or to a landing page created automatically for your job ad.

We already publish our offers on our social networks so why call on you?

When you post an offer on your page, it is seen only by your followers. We go beyond this narrow network, since we choose the best channels all around the web to match your candidate criteria.


What do you mean by "cost by performance"?

You only pay a cost per click, which gives you a guarantee that your offer has been seen and acted on. This allows you to flex broadcasting costs and adapt campiagns according to channel performance

How do you manage inaccurate or missing user profile data on social networks like Facebook?

The volume of data available today on the web allows us to create and accurate profile of an individual even if they have omitted information. Furthermore, we use all the resources of the web, not just Facebook.

How do you manage our campaigns?

Campiagns are published by allocating a defined budget to fill an open position. You then follow the campaign continuously on the platform and can decide at any time to stop it, pause it, or increase or decrease the budget. Xtramile is a trading platform, tailoring resources according to the needs of campaign and minimizing manual intervention and time spent on these operations, freeing you to focus on the more qualitative aspects of recruitment.

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