Semantic search on Job offering and resumes

With X-Ranking tool, you can either
  • Match any job to appropriate resume

    Match a specific job to any resume coming from any database (yours, Xtramile campaigns, third-parties, etc.)

  • Match any resume to similar resumes or appropriate jobs

    Match a specific resume to similar resumes in any databases or appropriate job offerings.

Work of the recruiter is speed-up to focus only on essential items and interviews.


Correspondance is based on Semantic and Ontology specially built for the HR world in collaboration with INRIA.
It works better, faster than classic boolean approaches and key-words.

Personality and Soft skills insights are also provided based on MBTI* benchmarks.

A manual variation based on geography or degree of matching from (0 to 100%) is easily usable for the Recruiter.


From a job offer to the best matching resumes:

From a resume to similar resumes and best matching jobs:

Methodology: the semantic approach is based on a linguistic and technological understanding the structure of the job offering and resume. The meaning of its content prevails over the key words only. Here a screen shot of a word variation around a Sales Skill

* Indicateur de type Myers Briggs

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